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Whi­te Awa­ke­ning


Holo­caust Revi­sed

Jai­led For Truth


The Bad War


Hate Spe­ech — Were the Ger­mans so stupid?


Jewish ritu­al cru­elty to ani­mals
Jødisk ritu­elt dyr­pla­ge­ri


The Tre­blinka Archa­e­o­lo­gy Hoax


Radio: The inva­sion of Euro­pe


The Maj­da­nek Gas­cham­ber Myth


Brainwas­hing gene­ra­tes a col­lecti­ve ill­ness


Ger­mar Rudolf expo­ses Auschwitz’s cura­ted lies


Poli­ce raid and my con­fes­sion


A look at the Ope­ra­tion Rein­hard “death camps”


The story of two revi­sio­nist giants
Ernst Zün­del and Ingrid Rim­land


David Cole in Aus­chwitz


A Gre­at Figh­ter for Truth, Mr. Doug­las Chri­stie


Questio­ning the Holo­caust


Ursu­la Haver­beck,


Rare Holo­caust Testi­mo­nies from Jews


Can a song be a cri­me?


Why the Gas Cham­bers are a Myth


Adolf Hit­ler —
The Gre­a­test Story NEVER Told!


Using the Anti-Holo­caust Meme


Hell­storm: the Death of Nazi Ger­ma­ny, 1944–1947


The Jewish Cri­mes Against Huma­ni­ty
In Swe­dish with Eng­lish sub­tit­les


- Com­mu­nism By The Back­door


RADIO: A Few Facts About The Whi­te Race


Presi­dent Vla­di­mir Putin’s fair war­ning


Tea­ching Whi­tes about Jews


Syri­ans not aban­do­ning their coun­try


Mul­ti­cul­tu­ra­lism in Euro­pe


The Zio­nist Matrix of Power


The Pro­to­cols of Zion — 1/2


The Pro­to­cols of Zion — 2/2


RADIO: Whi­te Mind & Cauca­si­an Cul­tu­re


MONSANTO’s Seeds of Death


Is fish healt­hy?
A Jewish mini­ster pro­mo­tes pois­e­ned fish.
Dan­ske under­tek­ster


We should have liste­ned to Adolf Hit­ler
(Se den dan­ske udga­ve her.)


If Hit­ler had Inter­net access …


No Apo­lo­gies


Ame­ri­ca is a Chan­ging Coun­try


Sur­vi­val of the Whi­te Race


The Big­gest Scam in the History of Mankind
Dan­ske under­tek­ster.


Natio­nal Soci­a­lism: Natu­ral Law and Order


Hit­ler Racist?


Adolf Hitler’s War­ning


The Eter­nal Jew


60 dif­fe­rent gen­ders to salu­te
Sehr gee­hr­te …

Eng­lish sub­tit­les


CO2 tax — sale of hot air


The Jewish Role in the Refu­gee Cri­sis