Video: Ursula Haverbeck, Kommentar zum …
Hooton Plan (Eng. subtitles)



Much like Theo­do­re Kauf­man, Lou­is Nizer, and Hen­ry Mor­gent­hau (all jews), Ear­ne­st Hoo­ton (ano­t­her jew) wan­ted to see the Ger­man peop­le destroy­ed, but he sought to do it with mass non-Whi­te male immi­gra­tion. Ursu­la Haver­beck, who is now a poli­ti­cal pri­so­ner for expo­sing the Holo­caust lie, lays out the geno­ci­dal plans against the Ger­man peop­le in her last public address. Alar­m­ing­ly, four of the five points of this jewish plan are alre­a­dy com­ple­ted!