Video: Truth for Zombies


Sour­ce: Bre­xit Par­ty #26, March 29, 2018.

A discus­sion about the extre­me sta­te of repres­sion of free spe­ech from the soci­al media. The “glitch” Alfred Scha­e­fer men­tion after a whi­le rela­tes to a tech­ni­cal pro­blem wit­hin the first 2 minu­tes. This had been edi­ted out, as it’s irre­le­vant for the discus­sion. But that’s why Wil­lem Felderhof’s per­so­nal intro­duction at the begin­ning goes a bit sta­ca­to. 

(En dis­kus­sion om den ekstre­me til­stand af under­tryk­kel­se af ytrings­fri­he­den fra de soci­a­le medi­er.)