Video: The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax


Sour­ce: Dif­fe­rent revi­sio­ni­sts, By Eric Hunt, 2014

Tre­blinka was a Ger­man tran­sit camp in eastern Poland. The pri­so­ners from east stay­ed 1–3 days for delou­sing and cle­a­ning to pre­vent infection and disea­ses in the desti­ned wor­king camps. Obser­ve the abso­lu­te des­pe­ra­te and gro­tesque attempts from this dis­ho­ne­st Jewish archa­e­o­lo­gist and the Polish rab­bi to find — respecti­ve­ly hide — what should be obvious — if! … the Jewish the­sis were based on rea­li­ty.