Video: Syrians not abandoning their country


This video shows Syri­an natio­na­lists wit­hin the ordi­nary Syri­an for­ces figh­ting for the fre­edom of their coun­try. This war in Syria is a Zio­nist-pro­vo­ked war. The Jews inven­ted the phan­tom “ISIS” and put all the ene­mies of the suve­reign sta­te of Syria under this label, inclu­ding Mos­sad, and armed them with wea­pons, Kalasj­ni­ko­vs bought for the US-taxpayer’s money. Rus­sia sup­ports the legi­ti­ma­te gover­n­ment of Syria, as Rus­sia has always done. Rus­sia is not inter­ve­ning in an inter­nal Syri­an civil war, they have always been allied of Syria. The Jews cre­a­ted this war, and Zio-Ame­ri­ca joi­ned — as they do when they are told.

Sour­ce: Anna News, 2016