Video: Russia’s president Vladimir Putin’s fair warning


Sour­ce: YouTu­be, Juli 2016

The Rus­si­an presi­dent, Vla­di­mir Putin, explains why it is impos­sib­le for Rus­sia to moni­tor the zio-Ame­ri­can mili­tary built-up in Euro­pe: All it takes (to turn a US “defen­si­ve” mis­si­le system into an offen­si­ve) is to swap the pro­gram. “How do we know?” he asks.

Appa­rent­ly the neocon inspi­red pup­pets in the Whi­te Hou­se toget­her with the allied cryp­to-Jewish lea­ders in NATO are insi­sting on a war in Euro­pe against Rus­sia. Could it be, that a war among the much hated whi­te Euro­pe­ans would con­ve­ni­ent­ly distra­ct the gene­ral atten­tion from af hand­full of monu­men­tal Jew-ini­ti­a­ted decep­tions execu­ted wit­hin the last hund­red years — decep­tions that are about to be revei­led by the revi­sio­nist move­ments in the US and Euro­pe?

What is the zio-Ame­ri­can mili­tary doing in Euro­pe anyway?