Video: Questioning the Holocaust


Sour­ce: Questio​ningT​he​Ho​lo​caust​.com, April 2016.

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By Eric Hunt.

Most of the memoirs and reports of Holo­caust sur­vi­vors are full of preposte­rous ver­bo­si­ty, grap­ho­ma­nic exag­ge­ra­tion, dra­ma­tic  effects, overe­sti­ma­ted self-inf­la­tion, dilet­tan­te phi­los­op­hizing, would-be lyri­cism, uncheck­ed rumors, bias, par­tisan atta­cks …”
– Samu­el Grin­gauz, “Jewish Soci­al Stu­di­es” (New York), Janu­ary 1950, Vol. 12, p. 6.