Video: G. Rudolf exposes Auschwitz’s curated lies


Ger­mar Rudolf is may­be the most meti­culous­ly and sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly wor­king holo­caust revi­sio­nist. Take a clo­se look at the cover illu­stra­tion. It reve­als, that the expla­na­tion from the Aus­chwitz-muse­um of how the ope­nings in the roof of the alle­ged gas-cham­ber in the Aus­chwitz main camp “were pla­ced exa­ct­ly over the ori­gi­nal ope­nings” is a lie. With this evi­den­ce it is legi­ti­ma­te to con­clu­de, that “the ori­gi­nal ope­nings” in the roof of this buil­ding never exi­sted. Why is the task-for­ce behind the Jewish Aus­chwitz-muse­um in Poland such poor sci­en­ti­sts? They even don’t lie very well.

Sour­ce: Ger­mar Rudolf, Holo​caust​Hand​books​.com, 2016.