Video: Ernst Zündel’s and Ingrid Rimland’s Story


Ernst Zün­del and his wife Ingrid Rim­land are giants among revi­sio­ni­sts, examp­les to be fol­lowed by us all in the ongo­ing wor­ld-wide strug­g­le for free spe­ech and true history, that is — The fight for the Whi­te wor­ld fre­ed from the cen­sors­hip of Jewish supre­ma­cists.

Ernst Zün­del: Off Your Kne­es, Ger­ma­ny!

Sour­ce: Soa­ring Eag­les Stu­dios and www​.zun​del​si​te​.org, July 2016.