Video: David Cole in Auschwitz


David Cole’s movie with inter­views from Aus­chwitz in 1992 rep­re­sents one of the cor­ner­sto­nes in the Holo­caust revi­sio­nism. An abso­lu­te­ly “must stu­dy”. Sad­ly the qua­li­ty of sound has suf­fe­red from copy­ing and pos­sib­le atta­cks. The ori­gi­nal sound was a lot bet­ter. — Deli­ve­red to the wor­ld by an hone­st Jew, who suf­fe­red seve­re per­secu­tion from his own kind after this “trea­son” against the ort­ho­dox Holo­caust nar­ra­ti­ve. In fear for his life he felt moti­va­ted to chan­ge name and stay “invi­sib­le” for a coup­le of deca­des.

Sour­ce: David Cole, 1992.